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Dating The Zodiac: Which Zodiac Signs Are Libra Women Truly Compatible With?

In terms of love, Libra women are attracted to and love to date men who are strong and stable, we want someone who can take charge and be the leader in the relationship. Libra women need a partner who can also give us intellectual stimulation, and keep us interested. We thrive with romance and love being swept off our feet. Being courted and wooed by our partner is a Libra women’s ultimate high. Throw in someone who can make us laugh and who has a good sense of humor and we’re yours forever.

So, if you want to know  Libra compatibility and who is the best match for Libra star signs, keep reading!

Dating The 12 Men of The Zodiac As A Libra Woman

Here’s my opinion as a Libra woman on what it’s like to actually date the zodiac signs and if we’re actually compatible with any of them. Buckle up and get ready for some insight into what it’s like dating the 12 men of the zodiac!

Libra Women Dating Aries Men

Big, tough guy Aries. I think many will agree with me when I say a lot of the Ariean folk sure do know how to have a good laugh. They are very devoted when in love and many that I have met so far tend to have a bit of a struggle when it comes to break ups. Very passionate and committed, our sister sign knows exactly how to sweep us off our feet. With an Aries, expect to experience fun, adventurous moments, and even romantic dates without having to decide where to eat (since most Arieans are decisive). Their qualities tend to complete us like the North Pole to the South Pole of a magnet. However, with all these pros come the cons. They are highly opinionated and perhaps issues may arise when it comes to compromising. This may push a libra into the shadows, since they wouldn’t want to ruffle Aries’ feathers. If communication persists and Aries values Libra’s input, this pair is truly the Yin-Yang couple of the zodiac. No seriously, go for it.

Libra Women Dating Taurus Men

Ah…Taureans, chill and easy going. Taurus shares the same ruling planet (Venus) as us Libras. Most Taurus men I’ve met are the “good, caring boyfriend” type when compared to the fiery passion Aries gives. They will not only be your lover, but also a best friend. However, things may start flaring up as Taurus people tend to be stubborn, and getting a point across, (as a libra) will be very frustrating. They are also the type to not text you no matter how much they miss you unless you make the first move. Which would literally force a libra to “jump the gun” and come forth with their interest entirely open as opposed to the usual tactic of leaving subtle hints. This may end up ruining the romantic aspect of this relationship but, with patience and maybe going the extra mile it is surely a calm combo. If you want a stable relationship that’s likely to last, I recommend you bag a Taurus.

Libra Women Dating Gemini Men

Let’s admit, probably one of the signs with the worst rep (if not topped by Libra men). Surprisingly, Geminis I’ve come across so far have been so sweet and caring. They are very understanding and will be there for you when you need them. Having the symbol of the duality of the twins, Geminis literally understand the two sides of things as Libras do (duality of the scales). You can expect hours and hours of playful chit chat and a never ending schedule of dates. Geminis also tend to find us Libras amusing and witty. Relationships between a Libra and Gemini tend to run deep very quickly as there is a deep understanding between the two air signs (think of the likes of G-Eazy and Halsey). The breakup is bound to be very painful though. 

Libra Women Dating Cancer Men

A very underrated coupling if you’ll ask me. While cancers are known to be the cry babies of the zodiac (which is a stereotype that’s very untrue), I have taken note that they are quite feisty. On days that they aren’t smothering the libra with care and affection, they sure do know how to have a debate. The adoration they give is just what a Libra yearns for from a partner. Be wary of pissing off a cancer unintentionally Libra, they do tend to have mood swings in all honesty. This relationship can work well if the Cancer is able to be upfront of what hurts them and Libra is able to try to avoid doing so.

Libra Women Dating Leo Men

Prepare to be standing at the centre of the stage with your boo, Libra. Which Libra wouldn’t want to be beside an all sought for and admired Leo. The couple that many consider goals if you ask me. They both shower each other with love, affection, and attention. Leo would love to pamper libra with whatever they desire and would easily commit for the long run. Bad side to this combo may have to do with pride and a lack of “traditional romance”. If Libra reminds Leo that everything doesn’t always evolve around them, and Leo takes the time to pay attention to Libra’s emotional needs (not just the physical ones), this is probably one of the easiest flowing relationships.

Libra Women Dating Virgo Men

Hmm….many may assume that Virgos and Libras aren’t very compatible but I think it can work. They are devoted to the people they care about, but Virgo may not be able to give Libra the attention they need. This may push Libra to assume that the virgo does not care. Communication issues and conflict in ideas may arise (since virgos tend to be passive). If the virgo is willing to be open and take the time to learn Libra’s way of displaying affection, and Libra learns to accept that virgo may not be as romantic as they want them to be, this relationship can stabilise, or even better yet, form a friendship bond within it.

Libra Women Dating Libra Men

This relationship has no middle ground, haha. It’s either one extreme or the other. In contrast to Libra women, Libra men tend to have if not, the worst rep when it comes to relationships. From my experience, it’s about a 50/50 chance of meeting a good one. Many tend to have commitment issues (think of Nick Cannon). The rest are such romantic sweethearts that truly know how to move another Libra. The similarities between the two can either strengthen their bond or result in intense toxicity in the relationship. These things aside, this relationship can be passionate and lead to a very special bond between the two.

Libra Women Dating Scorpio Men

The master seducers right? I know Libras would just love the intensity of this relationship. This relationship is bound to be ecstatic and almost overbearing. There’s a good chance it will last but, this relationship may become too heavy and suffocating for a Libra. This may cause them to stress and eventually leave. I personally like the obsessive tendencies of a scorpio. Adds “umph” to the relationship. It’s never really boring. If you’re looking for that intense “twilight” vibe romance and want to be watched obsessively as you sleep, find yourself a scorpio. They are deeply committed and devoted. 

Libra Women Dating Sagittarius Men

The philosophers of the zodiac. Deep thinkers who’s thoughts fascinate a libra. This relationship is quite promising if the Sagittarius is willing to commit (they do not like being tied down). While Libras appreciate the space, in time they will want to settle down, this will be a tough pill for a sag to swallow since they love their freedom. If it isn’t a problem, this connection paves way for an adventurous duo who would probably go sky diving together on their 20th anniversary lmao.

Libra Women Dating Capricorn Men

Slightly a tough one but can work. This pairing can lead to obtaining a lot of success when the creativity of a libra is combined with the practicality of a Capricorn. While passion and romance won’t be at an upmost high, it surely can be a stable relationship. Capricorn however may have a hard time catching up to and matching energies with a libra. Libras are more on the optimistic side and may think of Capricorn’s perspective as quite narrow and dark. This can easily turn the relationship quite toxic. Once a libra is committed, they may find it hard letting go, resulting in a negative shift of their personality over time. If Capricorn chooses to view the cup as half full than half empty now and then, these two surely can balance each other out.

Libra Women Dating Aquarius Men

The so called “soulmate” of Libra in the zodiac. Doja Cat demonstrates this connection in her song “you right” with The Weeknd. Intense and flowing, Aquarius and Libra are believed to be a perfect fit. Aquarians tend to have a hard time opening up when it comes to expressing their emotions. Libras do not shy away from feelings and have the ability to be understanding of that airy quality, hence creating a safe space for an Aquarius to truly be who they really are. The Libra becomes Aquarius’s confidant which makes them truly appreciate and love them in return. Aquarius in turn will help Libra embrace their awkward side, and shower them with romance and adoration. This easily takes a turn for a fairytale-like love story. Beware of un-evolved Aquarians libra, they will drain you of your energy and leave you heart broken, they tend to have a hard time committing.

Libra Women Dating Pisces Men

The dreamers, the sweet hearts. Expect to be frustrated libra, because those under this sign tend to fear falling in love. It will be very difficult to bring this one out of its sea-shell…get it? Pisces people are very romantic and loving but have a very hard time initiating. If pisces is willing to meet libra halfway, this relationship is most likely to become beautiful and dreamy. 

So, Which Zodiac Signs Are Libra Women Truly Compatible With?

As Libras, we tend to have a wide range when it comes to dating, we’re very picky, to an extent, but our easy-going, flexible personality gives us the ability to get along with and be compatible to date just about any one of the 12 zodiac signs! After all, Venus has all sorts of admirers and we tend to see the beauty in everything.

Which zodiac signs are you most likely to date? Comment Below To Let Us Know!



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