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The Dark Side of The Libra Zodiac and Why We Can Be Seen As Dangerous

Jenna Ortega – September 27 Libra

We Libras are gentle and easygoing by nature, but when we’re pushed too far, we can be explosive. It’s important to know when Libras are angry, so you can avoid getting on our bad side.

Are Libras Truly Dangerous?

Libras are often seen as the peacekeepers of the zodiac, but don’t be fooled – we can be dangerous when provoked. Libras are known for our even temper and ability to see both sides of every issue, but when we’re pushed too far or constantly being “tried”, we can lash out in a way that’s surprising – and sometimes alarming – to those who know us best.

While Libras aren’t typically considered a “dangerous” sign, there is something to be said for our potential for black-out violent reactions when pushed to our limits. In astrology, the planet Venus rules over love and beauty, but it also governs war and aggression. This dark side of Venus is what gives Libras our capacity for rage when we’re feeling wronged.

What Makes Libras Angry?

When Libras are pushed to our breaking point, we can become a force to be reckoned with our pent up, explosive nature. Here are some of the things that can make a Libra pissed off or very angry:

1. Injustice or being treated unfairly:

Libras have a strong sense of fairness and justice, and we can become very angry when we perceive something as being unjust or unequal to ourselves and others. If we feel like we’re being mistreated or manipulated, we will get fired up!

2. Having our personal space invaded:

Libras value their personal space and privacy immensely. If someone violates our boundaries, it will definitely make us angry and ready to lash out.

3. Feeling like we’re not being heard or listened to:

Libras need to have our opinions and feelings respected. If we feel ignored or unheard, it will definitely frustrate us and make us angry.

4. Being criticized or corrected:

Libras don’t like being told what to do. We prefer to make our own decisions, and being told that they’re wrong will make us feel slighted, because we know we’re actually right.

5. Dishonesty or being lied to: 

Libras value honesty and transparency in our relationships, and we can become angry when we feel someone is being deceitful or hiding something from us.

6. Being disrespected or blatant rudeness: 

Libras appreciate good manners and politeness, and we can become angry when someone is impolite, rude, or disrespectful to us and especially other people we think don’t deserve it.

7. Inconsiderate behavior: 

Libras value kindness and consideration, and we can become angry when someone acts in a thoughtless or insensitive way towards us or others.

How Do Libras Express Their Anger?

When a Libra gets angry, we can be very cold and calculating in our revenge. We will often go out of our way to make sure that the person who wronged us suffers in some way. So while we may not be physically violent, we can be emotionally manipulative and hurtful when we are mad in a very spiteful, vengeful and a passive aggressive way. Being normally warm, generous people, we will shift to cold indifference, to silent treatment and in the most angriest case, cutting people out for good.

An angry Libra does not usually resort to physically aggressive, violent behaviors but admittedly does verbal attacks in the form of condescension, that belittles you as person. If not fixed immediately with a heartfelt apology, and if you have repeatedly inflicted pain on a Libra, we will eventually see that you are a hopeless cause and it won’t matter how big or small the pain you inflicted, it will be a matter of the last straw.

Once that happens, a Libra will cut you out for good to bring balance to the situation and peace of mind. To the greatest extent of anger, we will hate you enough to ignore you FOREVER. If you’re on the receiving end of a Libra’s anger, it’s important to try to understand where we’re coming from and try to fix the situation because if a Libra is angry with you, there’s probably a good reason why and you’re probably the cause of it!

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