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If Your Sun Sign Is In Libra: What You Need To Know About Your Moon Sign And How It Affects You

Your sun sign is the first thing you usually learn about astrology, and while your sun sign describes qualities you are learning to develop and become, your moon sign describes who you already are. It reveals important things about your personality.

Your moon sign can be described as your “mushy center”, or your emotional inner child that needs tending to (and is often neglected). It is one of the most significant aspects of your astrological profile and is calculated based on the position of the moon at your time of birth and represents your emotional inner world.

Now, let’s take a trip into the cosmos and see how your moon sign can affect your personality, Libra.

Libra Sun, Aries Moon

With that infamous “what was the reason??!!” line, we got to see a more passionate and assertive side to her. Libras with an Aries moon tend to have flaring emotions and may have short tempers. You are in no way afraid to fight back. However, you do get over what upsets you pretty quickly, only if you really care about the other person, otherwise it is easy to be included on your growing list of nemesis’s. You aren’t the type to shy away from your emotions and having two polar opposites in your big three helps create a complete, independent character within.


Libra Sun, Taurus Moon

“Damn…double venuside” these natives would have their Venusian aspect amplified. You love art, decor, and the finer things in life. You are quite chill, your emotions are tranquil, and you rarely have outbursts. You can also be very stubborn and may be a little less cooperative than the average libra. However, this combo gives a libra very fun and understanding attributes. You also have spiritual tendencies and want to pursue a peaceful life.


Libra Sun, Gemini Moon

How does it feel to have four brains merged into one Libra? With two dualities combined, you of all may have the most flexible personality and are very intelligent. You have a rep of coming off as slightly sensitive and or defensive which isn’t quite true. You tend to try to find logical explanations for all your feelings “why do I feel this way?” “Why am I reacting this way?” “If I felt this way yesterday, why am I still feeling this today” all this analysis frustrates you causing you to lash out when upset. My advice would be to try not to be too hard on yourself, because feelings do not always arise from logical reasons. Sometimes you just do feel that way for NO reason. Very quirky and cynical, libras with gemini moons tend to probably have the best humors around.


Libra Sun, Cancer Moon

Very sweet and adorable, this combo gives “pretty doll” vibes. You tend to have a strong feminine streak and may have a liking for the sweet girl aesthetic, (whether male or female). Usually Libra sun, Cancer moons are very caring and are the type to leave you 100 missed calls if they are worried about you. You’re not one to be clingy, because you do like your space but you sure have no problems expressing how much you love and care about a person. You have very light and cheery personalities, spreading cheer and joy as you go about your day. The cry baby stereotype is false but you can be moody at times. 


Libra Sun, Leo Moon

Very bold with leadership aspects, Libras with Leo moons have a very outgoing personality. They do have toxic traits however as they tend to get into trouble a lot! Lmao! You probably prefer dating people much older than you and may immerse yourself in your emotions all the time. You are very generous but you may disregard other’s feelings by somehow making everything all about you! Ahaha! Nonetheless you are very passionate and loyal ESPECIALLY when you believe in something.

Libra Sun, Virgo Moon

You have an amazing balance between being practical and idealistic, and you definitely aim high to achieve the very best. The perfectionist! You are a simple person when it comes to relationships and are always at service to those you care about. You have high emotional intelligence and rarely lose your cool but when you do, people will surely know about it. These Libras are blessed with discipline and discrimination. When you have a plan, you will get it done to the very last little detail. You make great hosts and amazing caterers or managers of events. You can charm people with your pleasant attitude and at the same time, be very organized.


Libra Sun, Libra Moon

You love uplifting others and helping them achieve their best. You may be prone to being judgemental of others though. You’re a team player and have all the connections within social circles. You are on no ones bad side and most probably have many many acquaintances. My advice would be not to be afraid to ruffle some feathers sometimes because they may take advantage of you if you don’t. The fact that you have the Libra on the double makes you one of the most romantic people there could ever be. Not to mention how idealistic you are. It’s normal for you to get accused of gossiping and interfering with other people’s life. And when this will happen, you’ll just turn on your charm. Luckily, you have an angelic presence that solves it all.


Libra Sun, Scorpio Moon

You know all the tea don’t you libra? You are the communications centre and everyone trusts you. You may even slip up here and there lmao. Your emotions run very deep and most probably hold grudges for life. But it’s all good as you are very loving and passionate, so you most likely have been betrayed. My advice would be to not be sooo secretive and open up sometimes. Not everyone will use it against you someday and you might even find it to be an exhilarating experience.


Libra Sun, Sagittarius Moon

You lil goofballs. Good vibes, good energy. A libra with a philosophical outlook. This sun moon combo is such a good match. You’re fun to talk to and find it easy to express your passions! Not to mention having big dreams! You love learning about new things especially when it comes to understanding oneself. Make sure you have fun and continue believing in your dreams. Oh and they make amazing best friends! You can count on them.


Libra Sun, Capricorn Moon

Hard working and resilient, Libra’s with Capricorn moons do NOT settle for less. They have leadership qualities and can carry themselves with poise and confidence. They have great control over their emotions and are quite stoic. I would advise to take breaks now and then, your ambitions won’t go anywhere, and don’t be stingy! You’re honest and always fair, so you will never try to manipulate or lie. When it comes to your reputation and social status, you will do anything to protect them. You are very serious and reserved, but you do have a very good sense of humor. Calm and emotionally introverted, you show your affection by being protective.


Libra Sun, Aquarius Moon

Veryyyy goofy and awkward but it is something that a lot if people like about you! You are relatable and people can easily approach you. You may have a big ego and may get into problematic situations since you certainly do not keep your opinions to yourself. Which sometimes… is wrong lmao. Eccentric and a little bit unusual, it may be necessary for you to find a way of expressing yourself. Nonetheless, you are very creative and may also have numerous talents. Self-motivated and original, you want to be independent and to rely only on yourself. It’s impossible to ever tell you what to do because you hate being controlled or even suggested what is best for you. You guys surely are inventive and ingenious when trying to follow your own path in life.


Libra Sun, Pisces Moon

One of the most funny combos to have, Libra’s with pisces moons definitely know how to lighten the mood. You are very caring and devoted, you may even give people more chances than they deserve. You can see right through people and your ability to empathize with others is exceptional. People seek you when they have problems and you are always ready to help. Built with a kind heart and natural psychic abilities, you are bound to leave a positive imprint on the people you come across. You are very attractive and romantic, and because you tend to put your partner on a pedestal, you have high expectations resulting in you ending up disappointed from time to time. You have the need to fulfill your partner’s deepest desires and fantasies. You deserve to be loved in the same way you love others.


Who Do You Share Your Sun & Moon Sign With? Let Us Know In The Comments Below!!!


Libra Sun, Aries Moon: Amber Rose,  Sarah Ferguson

Libra Sun, Taurus Moon: Josh Hutcherson, F. Scott Fitzgerald

Libra Sun, Gemini Moon: Brigitte Bardot, Gwyneth Paltrow, Hugh Jackman

Libra Sun, Cancer Moon: Gwen Stefani, Olivia Newton-John, ASAP Rocky

Libra Sun, Leo Moon: Mahatma Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher, Bruno Mars, Oscar Wilde

Libra Sun, Virgo Moon: Zac Efron, Serena Williams, Michelle Trachtenberg

Libra Sun, Libra Moon: Matt Boomer, Kate Winslet, Bruce Springsteen, Sting

Libra Sun, Scorpio Moon: Will Smith, Snoop Dogg, Truman Capote

Libra Sun, Sagittarius Moon: Simon Cowell, Hilary Duff, John Mayer, Toni Braxton

Libra Sun, Capricorn Moon: Lena Headey, Bella Thorne, Neve Campbell, Fran Drescher

Libra Sun, Aquarius Moon: Tyler Posey, John Lennon, Ashlee Simpson

Libra Sun, Pisces Moon: Kim Kardashian, Usher, Catherine Zeta



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  1. Carlita
    September 12, 2021 / 8:52 am

    Libra sun cap moon with Fran Drescher from The Nanny Show♥️I don’t know the other celebs listed above but I share a birthday with Usher.