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STYLEFACTOR: The Best Hair Care Products For Wavy and Curly Hair

Does The Wave and Edge Booster Hair Care Line Live Up To The Hype?

When I started my natural hair journey a couple of years ago, I quickly realized trial and error was the key to bomb curls. It’s never easy to know what your natural curls will look like after transitioning from a relaxer. As we’re seeing the natural hair care aisle flooded with more products ranging from sulfate-free to eco-friendly, we continue to be on the pursuit of pristine curls.

I am constantly trying new products that promise to keep my curls healthier and more defined and as soon as I think I have my routine down, up pops another one. In spite of that, with so many great products out there to try, so many of them are made for ALL curl types, which means they’re not specifically tailored to my needs.

Then I found the StyleFactor Wave and Edge Booster hair care line made specifically for wavy to curly hair. A line of products designed to enhance and celebrate curly, coil-y, and wavy strands—not relax or tame them in any way, shape, or form and I can’t explain the happiness of my hair, because we both were in bliss and it definitely lives up to the hype!

I love the simplicity of Style Factor‘s Hair-Care line. The leave-in conditioner and curl cream are incredibly moisturizing and hydrating, and my curls love it. The shampoo has an airy, clean scent that is effortless and accomplishes the goal in completely stripping your hair of all its gunk. The pomades keeps my edges laid and smooth with no oily residue and the curl styling lotion give me a soft, yet flexible hold. Overall, this line was beautifully crafted and delivers in every way. 

They even have amazing styling tools like the Edge Booster Mist Spray Bottle which evenly distributes a fine, steady, and sustained mist all throughout your hair. Effortlessly pump, spray, and style without worrying about over-saturating your tresses. Perfect for home and salon use!

Using the Wave Booster All-In-One Conditioning Shampoo is definitely a Game Changer!
Lathering my curls with the Wave Booster Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner
Shiny and Hydrated!
Curl Perfection!

Let’s take a closer look at the Best Products from the Style Factor Wave and Edge Booster Hair-Line:

Style Factor Wave Booster All-In-One Conditioning Shampoo

Perfect for those hair wash days when you need to be swift, this Wave Booster All-in-One Conditioning Shampoo is a game-changer. You can achieve a gorgeous finish with just one product, so why not simplify a lengthy routine and save yourself some precious time?

Infused with aloe vera, which is known for its protective properties, and coconut water for ultimate hair hydration. Totally free of parabens, phthalates, and sulfates whilst also being vegan and cruelty-free, this all-in-one shampoo and conditioner is a must-have product for luxurious hair with minimal fuss.

Style Factor Wave Booster Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner

Of everything, my immediate favorite was the Wave Booster Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner, which not only smells divine but has a lush formula that feels like it’s really getting in there for long-lasting hydration.

Simply apply onto damp hair and gently comb through to absorb, or scrunch to encourage your waves and curls. This product is enriched with aloe vera, which holds strengthening and protective properties for hair. Made without the use of parabens, phthalates, and sulfates and formulated with fruit extracts, this is the totally vegan and cruelty-free conditioner that thirsty hair has been waiting for.

Style Factor Wave Booster Curl Styling Lotion

We all like different things for our hair. If you prefer the texture of a lotion to other heavier products, then our Wave BOOSTER Curl Styling Lotion is the perfect lightweight moisturizing option for you. We have created this vegan formula to define and soften your curls, without the use of parabens, phthalates, or sulfates – instead, we use gorgeous natural botanicals to nourish and hydrate your curls. Avocado oil, nettle, and chamomile extract soothe and condition your hair while creating a soft, flexible hold that you can easily shape into any style.

Style Factor Wave Booster Moisturizing Curl Cream

Your curls look their best when they are healthy, moisturized, and defined. Wave BOOSTER Moisturizing Curl Cream can make that happen! Jamaican black castor oil is known for its high vitamin E content. It has been used to keep beautiful coils healthy for centuries.

Add another amazing ingredient like shea butter and suddenly you have a combination that boosts your glossy waves and curls to the next level. Dermatologist-tested, free from parabens, phthalates, sulfates, AND vegan and cruelty-free, this curl cream needs to be part of your routine!

Style Factor Wave Booster Curl Styling Cream

If you love to heat style your hair, this Wave BOOSTER Curl Styling Cream is an essential product. Infused with powerful hair hydrating ingredients like coconut oil and aloe vera, this vegan and cruelty-free styling cream softens, enhances, and protects your beautiful curls, all without the use of parabens, phthalates, and sulfates. This enriching styling cream will not only have your curls looking amazing but smelling incredible too.

Style Factor Edge Booster Extra Strength, Moisture Rich Pomade

Don’t let unruly hair control your style. The fan-favorite EDGE BOOSTER Pomade is now available with extra-strength hold and luxurious moisture. Choose from eight scent options and select the package size that fits your haircare needs. Simply rub a small amount of the silky pomade onto your hands and work through tresses evenly. Enjoy maximum hold and shape, whether you’re applying it to wet or dry hair, then style normally for a look that lasts all day.

Style Factor Edge Booster Strong Hold, Water-Based Pomade

EDGE BOOSTER Strong Hold Water-based Pomade is made with natural argan oil which absorbs quickly with no oily residue. It nourishes and hydrates while providing a strong and pliable hold. The unique fresh and clean scent will invigorate your senses and freshen up your hair even in between washes. With our water soluble and non-greasy formula, you can be confident that it will wash out easily and style with versatility, and does not clog pores or cause breakouts. So whether you want to texturize with a natural finish, hold style without build up, define curls, control frizz, or tame edges, EDGE BOOSTER will be your favorite styling solution.

Style Factor Hyfortifia Biotin Hair/Scalp Intensive Treatment Oil

Nourish, soften, and manage your hair without weighing down your tresses with this lightweight Biotin treatment oil infused with argon and pumpkin seed oil. Effortlessly reduce frizz and enhance shine as you blow dry, straighten, or style hair as desired, or simply apply it as a leave-in treatment for a smooth and silky finish.

Style Factor Hyfortifia Biotin Scalp Stimulating Drops

Engineered to stimulate follicles and protect hair strands, this blend contains biotin and many beneficial botanical extracts that fortify from the root while inducing a soothing sensation to the scalp. Revitalize with biotin, which works to moisturize and strengthen your hair.

Combat breakage, fortify hair health, and nourish hair strands while providing smoothness, shine, and manageability.

Style Factor Definitely Gives What It’s Supposed To Give

Style Factor thank you for creating such a wonderful beauty product that speaks to the struggles and victories of every curl diva and even more thanks for giving us a product that encourages us to celebrate our individuality and gives us the confidence we need to rock our hair in its natural state!

Where To Find The Style Factor Hair Care-Line

You can find the Style Factor Wave Booster Hair-Care Line in your local beauty and/or hair store, also the Edge Booster Pomades and Hyfortifia Biotin Hair/ Scalp Intensive Oil and Scalp Stimulating Drops can be purchased on Amazon.com.

Find Your Local Store Here.


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