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22 Libra Memes That Only Libra Placements Can Relate To

libra memes only libra placements can relate to

Being a Libra may look easy breezy but there’s way more to it. Here are 22 Libra memes that can tell you more than you know about living this Libra life.

1. Balance

Libras are interested in finding balance everywhere:

Meme by thatlibrachic

2. Emotions

As Libras we tend to bottle up our feelings for an extended amount of time and then explode, sometimes inappropriately:

Meme by bratty_libra

3. Harmony

Keepings things light and airy, keeps Libra happy and smiling:

Meme by libra.meanings

4. Living The High Life

As Libras we have the habit of indulging ourselves. We love having the best of everything in life and will use all our cunning, wit and beauty to acquire them:

Meme by starsxbravo

5. Positivity

A Libra will try to keep being positive, no matter what:

Reel by thatlibrachic

6. Independence

Libras love being social but we also don’t mind being alone. If you’re there, great, if not, great as well because you’re not in the way:

Meme by libralifeandlifestyle

7. Being Picky

Libra will date and stay single, until finding the perfect match or what they think is the perfect match, which usually isn’t:

Meme by libras.society

8. Oh The Dramatics

Libras have a tendency to over exaggerate our emotions, creating our own outrageous soap opera while being fully convinced we’re living in one:

Memes by thatlibrachic

9. Crushing

A Libras fantasies are top tier:

Memes by glossy_zodiac

10. Turn Ons

Things that make a Libra scream YES:

Reel by ikeslimster

11. Choosing The Restaurant

Omg we don’t know!!

Meme by thelibragang

12. The Darkside

Hold tight LOL We really be trying really hard to stay bubbly and positive no matter the situation

Meme by thatlibrachic

13. Bad Decisions

We’ll fix things later

Meme by bratty_libra

14. Oversharing

A Libras biggest regret!

Meme by librayuh

15. Chill vs Pissed Off

They never expect a Libra to go off, and we sure do go off when we’re pissed!

Meme by solelunastro

16. Holding Grudges

Libras don’t hold grudges, you just don’t exist anymore!

Meme reposted by Libra_Friends

17. Karma

Karma works for the Libra Gang…We call it the Lick back!

Meme by Libra_Friends

18. Options

Libras hate making decisions but we do LOVE having options!

Meme by Libras.society

19. Love

Hey Libra, if this happens, you weren’t really in Love lol

Meme by thatlibrachic

20. Sixth Sense

Libras be knowing

Memes by thatlibrachic

21. Money

Libras love expensive shit, so we love money

Meme by thatlibrachic

22. Charm

Who’s more charming than a Libra? I’ll wait…

Memes by thatlibrachic

Do you relate to these Libra memes?
Tell me what you think, Libra.


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