Will Libra Be Rich: Are You Destined For A Luxury Lifestyle Libra?

Libras are known for being chill, lovers, peace-makers, fighters for justice, even shopaholics but what most people fail to admit is that Libras are also hustlers, because where do we get that shopaholic money?

Libra Loves Luxury

We Libras have expensive taste, and love the finer things in life but we’re also balanced and thrive on harmony. While our tastes do run on the pricey end, we have a good eye to strike a balance between spending money and saving. You’ll probably see us trying to console ourselves after a huge buy though, convincing ourselves that our splurge was definitely worth it.

One In Five Billionaires are Libras

Although there are billionaires all over the zodiac, nearly one in FIVE are Libras. Business Insider reported in 2019 that there were more billionaire Libras than any other sign. This isn’t too surprising, though, considering our ruling planet is Venus, the goddess of money and luxury. Additionally, being known for being diplomatic and graceful, serves us well when it comes to business dealings and networking.

Libras are the Hustlers of The Zodiac

When it comes to making money moves, Libra has it in the bag, but only if we’re hungry enough. Most perceptions of Libra are that we’re chill, laid-back, and lazy. This is true, although this mostly happens when a Libra is resting and recharging, they seem to leave out that when we work, we work hard! When a Libra truly wants something, trust me, we’re going to get it! This is where our “hustle” spirit kicks in, the Bullseye has been locked and loaded and Libra is gunning for it!

Get Your Fucking Ass Up And Work – Kim Kardashian

Follow your dreams Libra

Libra, please remember that you are fully capable of making your dreams come true and now you know by reading this article that you can be and are destined for greatness and wealth. With bullseye focus, determination, your excellent people skills and your brilliant ideas, who or what can stop you?! ONLY YOU, but you won’t ever let yourself down, will you?

Libra stay making music about the Money

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