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Why You Need This Colourpop Astrology Collection In Your Life Libra!

ColourPop Inspired By the Zodiac Signs

The stars have aligned and blessed us with the release of ColourPop’s Astrology collection, featuring zodiac-inspired eyeshadow quads and lip glosses. And get this: the wide array of colors in the palettes were all developed and chosen based on attributes of each sign.

They say eyes are the windows to the soul, so why not wear wear a smoky eye inspired by your zodiac sign? Given the world’s craze with all things astrology, horoscopes, and signs, our cult-favorite makeup brand ColourPop decided to draw inspiration from the stars.

The trendy drop includes 12 mini palettes and lip glosses that each feature colors specially chosen to represent four sign families:

Air (Libra, Aquarius and Gemini)

These dreamy palettes will leave you walking on air! Create endless looks with hues inspired by easy, breezy air signs. Set includes the Semi Precious Gemini palette, with shades ranging from metallic gold to matte brown, the Peace Love Libra palette, with a mix of pink mattes and metallics, and the Crystal Clear Aquarius palette featuring metallic blues and matte neutrals.

Our heads are in the clouds with this dreamy air sign palette!

Fire (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius)

It’s too hot and we like it! Feel the heat with hues inspired by those ultra-passionate fire signs. Set includes palettes The Bold & The Aries, with shades ranging from metallic red to matte peach, Big Leo Energy palette with shades ranging from metallic gold to matte burnt orange, and Sagittarius in Flight with a mix of terracottas and nudes.

Things are heating up with vivid shades in this fire sign palette set!

Earth (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn)

Get back down to earth with these palettes rich in nudes and neutrals! Create endless looks with hues inspired by tactile and sensorial earth signs. Set includes the Head Capricorn in Charge palette with a mix of metallic gold and champagne plus matte taupe and espresso, the Never Taurus Apart palette, with gold metallics and earth tone mattes, and Like a Virgo palette, with shades in mauve, gold, and brown with matte and metallic finishes.

Stay grounded in rich neutrals with this earth sign palette bundle!

Water (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces)

Take a dip in the deep end with these moody palettes! Create dreamy looks with hues inspired by the oh so intuitive water signs. Set includes The Secret Life of Scorpio palette with shades ranging from metallic plum to matte magenta, Pisces in the Sky palette with lavender and teal metallics and matte nudes, and the Tender Loving Cancer palette with metallics in lavender and teal, and mattes in warm rose and deep plum.

Go deep and dreamy with these water sign inspired palettes!

Colourpop Is All About Your Big 3

Collect your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs from each collection, which will be a fun and inventive way to do your makeup! The dreamy collection is available now at colourpop.com for $9 each, or $27 for a family sign bundle.


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