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How To Go To Sleep: Wake Up Well Rested & Relaxed With Cloudy

How to go to sleep? Use Cloudy. Cloudy uses advanced aromatherapy that puts you straight to sleep, waking up well rested with a blend of melatonin, lavender, and chamomile.

Sleep is one of the most important things we can do for our bodies. However, most of us struggle with it. We toss and turn every night and get to bed much later than we should. It’s hard to make time to sleep in our modern world. After all, we’re busy with work, hobbies, family, and more. Research has shown how important sleep is for your mental and physical health, so our desire to getter better rest has increased, leading to a higher demand for sleep aids.

Cloudy helps you sleep, rest + relax.

Here is where the new company, Cloudy comes in. They have developed a way to inhale melatonin, so you don’t have to wait 30-60 minutes for an oral sleep aid to work. You may have heard of melatonin but never understood what it is. Melatonin is a hormone that your body naturally produces and is necessary for you to sleep. However, most of us have melatonin levels that are too low because of our disrupted circadian rhythms from our modern lifestyle and technology. When melatonin levels are high, however, it helps our body understand that it is time to sleep, allowing you to relax, fall asleep, and stay asleep.

how to go to sleep cloudy melatonin diffusers helps you to rest and relax
Cloudy’s 3-Pack Melatonin, Chamomile and Lavender Diffusers

Cloudy helps you get to sleep naturally

When you inhale Cloudy’s blend of melatonin and essential oils, you feel sleepy almost immediately, so you can go to bed when you want to. The goal of the company is to help you get to sleep naturally, without using any type of drugs. In addition to melatonin, you’ll also get the calming effects of lavender and chamomile which have been shown to increase relaxation and quality of sleep. This powerful combination of natural ingredients can be just what you need to help calm your mind and fall asleep!

Getting a good night’s sleep is necessary but not always easy. By using a sleep aid (whether it’s an oral melatonin tablet or a diffuser), you can improve your quality and quantity of sleep so that you’ll feel better and get more done throughout the day. Invest in getting better rest, you’ll see a difference!

Your own rest + relax kit

Cloudy’s All-In-One Rest + Relax Kit

The everything you need and then some bundle, our All-In-One Relax + Rest Kit has been expertly curated to ensure you unwind, de-stress, and enjoy the best sleep you’ve ever had. Brimming with our entire line of plant-based, science-backed products, you’ll be all set to elevate your daily routines no matter where you go.


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