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Meet The Badass Libra Behind The MIC: Liza Soler of “Liza with a Z Podcast”

Liza Soler – Host of Liza with a Z Podcast @lizawithazpodcast

It’s an honor to speak with you today. Why don’t you introduce yourself.

My name is Liza Soler. I am a single mother of two beautiful children Jason and Jenesis. I am the founder and host of a combat sports talk show called “Liza with a Z Podcast” on YouTube. Our topics consist of Combat Sports, Mental health awareness, Fitness, Entertainment, and more! I am also a amateur boxer/ mixed martial artist.

You sound like such a Libra bad ass! Tell us more!

I recently started my new Media Production Company Zoler Scene Media. Although I love to be in front of the camera as a media personality, I love being more a media manager/ director of operations. Ensuring that your event has the best media experience possible. You can see me on the scene at fight events conducting post fight interviews running around encouraging the athletes and capturing the best moments.

Just like many of my fellow Libra’s I like to be a boss and own the room wherever I go!

I have the blessing of having many people in my life that support my goals and dreams. Like a few of my sponsors and businesses who have supported me during me during my fight camps and overall growth in life: Fusion CBD Products, Chickjitsu, The MMA Doc, John Wai Martial Arts, Breaking Barriers Boxing, Girl Gang Wraps, Grafix Bar, Black Lab Organics, Jepha Mooi Photography, KDuplan Photography, Fequiere Fitness, New sponsors are always welcomed!

What do you specialize in/ What makes you outstanding?

I believe what makes me outstanding is that I am not afraid to face adversity. I have a determination to succeed and provide a better life for my family. I am a tough character with a huge heart.

I have a passion to promote women empowerment in all sports. Even if I have to put myself in a fight and represent our community of fierce women.

Liza Soler with XFN (Xtreme Fighting Nation) Champions
Liza Soler – Clash Of The Titans Pro

What inspires you everyday?

My kids have played a major role in my life. They encourage me to always be the best I can be. There are difficult days to come along the way, but they are my everything and I work hard to provide the best life for them.

I have THE BEST friends I can ever ask for. Rebecca, Barbara, Cece, Mary, Kat. These women are all boss ladies. They have supported me through everything this life has thrown at me and continue to keep me focus and pushing for success.

My family plays a huge role in my life! I would not be the woman I am without them.

The fight community! Liza with a Z Podcast is nothing without them. They are the stars of my show and I love to support all of them striving to succeed in this industry.

What is your ultimate goal in life?

Happiness. Money, success, material things, can’t come with you in the afterlife. My goal is to have the best experiences in life surrounded by all the people in my life, While being a Bad Bitch doing it!

Leaving a legacy for my family and having them proud of the woman I am.

What do you love about being a Libra?

I am a September Libra! We are the most spontaneous, hilarious, dramatic, entertaining, spirited, tough, cute, hardworking, loving people in the world! I can be a beauty and a beast. I have the toughest character and don’t back down when I want something to get done or achieved. I love being a sassy woman that demands respect.

Charm is a part of what makes us so captivating and interesting. My a few of my best friends are Libra’s too so we all a pack of ladies with boss mentality. Libras know how to have fun!!

Liza Soler The Libra

What’s your best advice for other Libras out there?

LIBRAS!!!! Continue to be the amazing, outstanding, generous, loving, hardworking people you are! Strive for greatness, never give up on your dreams, enjoy life. Stay positive, motivated, and keep fighting off the bad vibes in your life. Never let anyone diminish you light!!

What’s next for you?

Growth, I do have dreams and goals for myself and my growing companies. But, I just take life one day at a time. Staying happy and healthy and mentally strong for my family is my main goal in life.

Finally, how can people connect with you if they want to follow or learn more?

You can subscribe to my YouTube Channel “Liza with a Z Podcast”
I am on Facebook: Liza Soler
Main Page IG: @lizitasol88
Podcast IG: @lizawithazpodcast

To have “Liza with a Z” on the scene at your events email: lizawithazpodcast@gmail.com (fees will apply)

Would YOU Like To Be Featured On The Libra Lounge Blog? Email: hello@thatlibrachic.com


Hey Libra Gang! What’s up? I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, I wrote it just for you! Please feel free to leave a comment below, I would love hearing your opinions and thoughts and even if we don’t agree we can debate about it. ;)

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