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Doja Cat Just Dropped her New Album And Slayed My Whole Libra Life At The Same Time

The consistently viral pop star’s third album Planet Her feels like a debut, inviting us deeper than ever into her exquisitely strange and weird world of wonder. After all she is a Libra, which she proudly shows off in her newest video You Right alongside The Weeknd, another air sign of course!

Doja Cat New Album Drop Planet Her That Libra Chic
David LaChapelle*

Doja Cat is a weirdo, but isn’t that why we fell in love with her in the first place? Her first big viral claim to fame was, after all, about cows. In the years since “Mooo!” the world can’t quite shake off pop icon’s controversial trolling (only Lil Nas X can compete).

doja cat you right song dressed as a libra that libra chic

The 25-year-old rapper, born October 21, 1995 looks ethereal as she dons a midriff-baring white leotard in her latest music video for her and The Weeknd’s track You Right off her new album Planet Her. Very much giving us goddess vibes, which showed her strutting around a palace dressed as the Venus born Libra while she sings about yearning for a man, despite being in a relationship.   

‘I got a man but, I want you,’ she admits in one verse, before going on to say she’s thinking about ‘someone new’ and ‘can’t stop and look the other way.’ As much as she tries, the star can’t seem to shake her infatuation with another man, even as she lays in bed with her current lover. Lyrics that are definitely slaying my whole Libra life!

Doja Cat and The Weeknd – You Right

Once The Weeknd starts crooning, he confirms he wants to be with her too and encourages the singer to break up with her beau.  The chemistry between these two air signs (Libra and Aquarius) is palpable, even though they never share a kiss or make physical contact. See for yourself…

Doja Cat just took her creativity and my soul to another level with this flirty, steamy, astrology filled music video. It’s truly giving what it’s supposed to give and making me even prouder to be a part of the Libra Gang! DC has indeed created her own little universe, (like we Libras usually do) and slayed the whole zodiac with this one! Will we ever recover? Hopefully not!

@mellowmahi breaks down “You Right” lyrics by Doja Cat like only a fellow Libra could. Thank you Queen!


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