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Which Libra Are You? The 4 Most Common Libra Personalities

There are 4 types of Libra Personalities – Which Libra Are You?

As Libras we seek balance and beauty in all things — and our greatest wish is that everyone would seek the same kind of harmony in their own lives. Of course, there are complexities to us being the most charming and diplomatic sign that are often overlooked.

For every Libra that seeks total symmetry and a behind-the-scenes role in life, there’s another Libra who’d prefer a little more of the spotlight, as well as the Libra who is a fighter for the underdog and who is always on the lookout to bring the karmic justice. There is also in my opinion a fourth Libra that nobody ever talks about, the goddess, a mix of the other three. There is so much more to us and I think taking a closer look at how our sign has various personalities will help us and others of the zodiac understand who we truly are. 

1. Libra – The Socialite

All Libras are ruled by Venus, planet of love, beauty, and harmony, but this type lets that influence show most freely. Drawn to shiny, lavish items and only the most interesting people, the Socialite has a clear vision of how they’d like their life to look. You can catch them at the club, bar, latest gallery opening, a networking event, or anywhere that they can rub elbows with a crowd or make new friends and connections. Unlike other types of Libras, the Socialite doesn’t shy away from shaking things up. They love attention and making an entrance that leaves an impression, as long as it’s a good one. Their appearance and reputation take major priority. One thing that the Socialite must keep in mind is “balance”, so be wary of burning the candle at both ends. Staying in for a night or two in the name of R&R won’t automatically revoke your inner circle privileges, you’ll always be the star of the show!

2. Libra – The Diplomat

This is probably the most common type of Libra. You’ll know them by their small circle of friends, their disdain for conflict, and their seemingly total inability to make a decision and nonchalant demeanor. They live mostly inside their heads, keeping their opinions to themselves most times. Just when you think they’re going to take a side in a discussion or heaven forbid, an actual argument, they’ll ultimately remain neutral out of fear that they’ll upset someone on the opposite side. This is why some are quick to paint all Libras as people-pleasers or doormats, even though both of those characterizations are obviously overstatements. Diplomats just want to move through life with as few bumps in the road as possible — and, in their mind, that means doing all they can to avoid ruffling anyone’s feathers. The lesson that these Libras must learn is that it’s ok to voice your opinion and decisions exist on a spectrum (so just pick where you want to go to dinner, already).

3. Libra – The Judge

This type of Libra shares the Diplomat’s desire to dodge conflict, but they go about their dodging in a very different way. Rather than tiptoeing along the midpoint of an argument, the Judge will step in and take a side, if only to settle things once and for all. These are the fighters of the Libra gang and won’t hesitate to stand up for what’s right or fight for the underdog. That is not to say that they’ll steamroll over anyone who wants to debate or argue — they’re still peace-keeping Libras, after all — but they can balk at the rising tempers and injustices that tend to accompany disagreements. What varies from Judge to Judge is whether they’re stepping in to stir the pot more (like their fellow air sign, Gemini, can be wont to do) or if they’re seeking a solution that benefits the greater good (as the third and final air sign of the Zodiac, Aquarius, would have it).

4. Libra – The Goddess

The goddess is a mixture of all 3 types of Libra. The introverted dreamer, lover of love and beauty, the social butterfly, the diplomat and the bringer of justice. This Libra is like an eclectic puzzle you will never figure out, never quite balanced but exciting, inspirational, sensual and intriguing. The Libra that’s given all Libras the reputation of being fake because they fit in everywhere and can switch moods, likes and dislikes at the drop of a dime, basically a whole social chameleon. Trouble, adventure and luck always seem to follow the goddess and although this may upset their balance most of the time, it’s a secret thrill they live for. Taking time to go through the motions and make better decisions that they stick to is the best direction for these Libras.

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