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The Top 4 Sexual Positions Libra’s Love

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With Libra we find ourselves with one of the most explosive signs of the Zodiac, sexually speaking. Fiery, ardent, daring, sensual, hot… Explosive. This is the definition of a sign for which sex is part of life and is intrinsic in its essence. 

An exciting aspect of Libra’s sexuality is creativity. That is why sex with them is never dull, but the opposite, a series of creative experiences to let innovation loose. 

Those born between Sept. 23 and Oct. 23 are known for being “old-school romantics with a freaky side.” (Just think of our favorite, famous and iconic Libra femmes: Cardi BHalseyDita von TeeseSerena Williams and an America’s own Aphrodite, Kim Kardashian.) Sometimes, a Libra is going to want to make love. Sometimes, they’re going to want to get bent over. Ideally, a Libra would like a bit of both — with an extra dash of adventure mixed in.

The top 4 answers of your favorite sex positions below:

1. Doggy style: Doggy style definitely won, libras love this position because it gives a definite intimacy boost by basically spooning with the added bonus of penetration. Need I say more?  

2. Missionary: Anyone loving on a Libra will want to go at it face-to-face, because libras are attention whores, who perform best when they feel like they’re being worshipped (in the heat of the moment, an adoring gaze can go a long way). Plus, with tbeing on top, it’ll put Libra in the receptive role, letting them bask in their boo’s attention.

3. On Top: This may seem the obvious choice for, say, a Leo who loves to be the center of attention or a Scorpio who needs to know they’re number one. But seating a Libra on top is actually perfect for a charismatic sign that loves to put on a show for their partner. Bonus points if a Libra’s partner can help a Libra lean into their indulgent tendencies and throw in some nipple play — or even add a bit of kinkiness with some *ss-slapping.

4. All of Them: The secret to leaving your libra lover satisfied? Giving them the whole nine yards, switching sexual positions all through your love making, not only does this put your libra in sexual heaven, it makes them feel satisfied knowing you wanted to take them every which way possible!

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